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The Evolutionary Void

The Evolutionary Void - Peter F. Hamilton Peter F. Hamilton doesn't write trilogies. Or duologies, or anything like that. He writes 2000-5000-page books that then get split up by the publisher. Therefore, this is basically a rating/review for the whole Void series. My biggest problem with the Void trilogy was the story of Edeard. It did nothing for me. I hated him, I didn't like his world, I didn't like his story. I wanted to get back to the Commonwealth. This is the reason I enjoyed The Evolutionary Void a bit more than the other two books -- it wasn't as heavy on the dreams. Another problem: all new characters were sort of meh and not particularly well-developed. Maybe except for Araminta. If it weren't for some old faces, I swear I wouldn't be able to remember anybody from this series. Overall, I found these books to be not as gripping as the Commonwealth saga ones, to be honest. I also though they didn't quite have the same, shall we say, meticulousness in plotting and description. At times I felt some scenes to be just barely sketched and wanted more details, particularly when it came to the Commonwealth segments.

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