Gender- and genre-bending

The Gaslight Dogs

The Gaslight Dogs - Karin Lowachee I am about halfway through this, and I am afraid I'll have to either put it on hold, or mark it as 'did not finish'. I really wanted to like this book. I mean, fantasy/steampunk with Inuits? How great is that? Unfortunately, it's just isn't as good as I was hoping it would be. The characters are uninspiring, the story is not bad but does not grab, the writing style is occasionally poetic, but mostly infuriating (I am still not sure I understand this sentence, for example: 'A rare enough quality in some men, and it made him tolerable to those who weren't as faithful and likeable to those who were'(p. 16)). Anyway, the author gets big points for a great idea, but no points for execution.

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