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The Desert Spear: Book Two of The Demon Cycle

The Desert Spear - Peter V. Brett The Warded Man was a pretty good debut, but this sequel just didn't live up to my expectations and left a bad taste in my mouth. To be honest, the story is pretty good and could be developed quite well. However, the negatives for me far outweighed the positives:1) The structure was just off. I almost stopped reading after the first 100 pages. Brett spends a quarter of the book presenting Jardir's backstory. It just feels out of place and unnecessary. 2) Sex, sex, and more sex. Everyone is doing it or talks about doing it in every other paragraph, slipping into some strange ren fair-esque jargon when they mention anything about female anatomy and sex. There is also some strange preoccupation with rape and incest. It seems like every other character gets raped. I understand he wants to create a picture of a very grim, back-to-medieval-times world, but it's just too much.3) A number of reviewers mentioned this last point, and I have to agree. The women are pretty much all horrible. They all either sleep with everybody in order to gain control, or they blame other women for getting raped, or seem to lose their mind and moon over the nearest 'handsome' guy. By all means, write some evil female characters, but they can't all be manipulating hussies.

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